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Question: Здравствуйте Алексей Сергеевич, беременность 8 недель, с молодым человеком резус-конфликт, сдала кровь на антитела титр антител 1:128, хотела бы узнать можно ли рожать с таким титром? Врач говорит делать аборт, т.к ребенок может родиться инвалидом.

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PelvicTonerTM Progressive Resistance Vaginal Exerciser for better Kegel Exercises

PelvicToner is the only vaginal exerciser which was clinically tested and recommended for use by leading gynaecologists.

Benefits from using PelvicToner:

Cure stress incontinence – embarrassing leaks when you cough, laugh or exercise;
Cure or reduce prolapse of the bladder, uterus and bowel
Prepare your body for pregnancy and labour;
Reduce the size of the vaginal opening;
Improve intimate contact and sexual responsiveness.

Highly effective

The PelvicToner is a highly effective, simple to use patented medical device that has been specifically designed to help you get the most from your pelvic floor muscle exercises.

With the PelvicToner you perform pelvic floor or Kegel exercises in the traditional way - but because you are squeezing against a slight resistance the exercises are much, much more effective than squeezing thin air. Most PelvicToner users begin to notice an increased awareness of their pelvic floor within a week and a significant improvement in muscle strength and tone within just a few weeks.

And the design of the PelvicToner also ensures that you are confidently squeezing the correct muscles - solving a problem experienced by many women.

Simple to use

The PelvicToner is so simple to use and the exercises take just five minutes a day.

Full instructions are provided and they are very easy to follow.

Following the key principles identified by Arnold Kegel, the PelvicToner is designed to help you confidently identify and isolate your pelvic floor muscles and exercise them effectively by squeezing against a resistance provided by sets of springs.

Over 100,000 women of all ages have purchased a PelvicToner or have been given it by their GP.

Clinically proven

In clinical trials the PelvicToner has proved to be at least as effective as a three month course of pelvic floor muscle training supervised by a trained specialist or physiotherapist. But the PelvicToner also confers additional benefits:

  • it helps you confidently identify the correct muscles to exercise
  • it gives you instant feedback that you are squeezing the correct muscle
  • you will exercise effectively because you are squeezing against a resistance
  • you are more likely to continue with your exercise because you will notice very rapid improvements in your bladder control

In the final analysis, doctors agree that the primary treatment for stress incontinence and prolepses is to improve the pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor exercises cannot be practiced effectively in isolation and there is overwhelming evidence that women will benefit greatly from using a progressive resistance vaginal exerciser.


Users of the PelvicToner report exceptional results:

  • 87% of PelvicToner users reported improved bladder control within 4 weeks
  • 80% of PelvicToner users reported an improved sex life within 4 weeks
  • 92% of PelvicToner users reported greater awareness of their pelvic floor after just 2 weeks 






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