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Воспроизвести Д-р Калашников

Dr. Kalashnikov

Question: Здравствуйте! мне 20 лет, принимала ОК 4,потому что мужских гормон было больше, потом перестала принимать. сейчас месячные приходят когда вздумается,то 30 дней,то 45, сейчас 60 дней, их нет. очень боюсь что в будущем не смогу иметь детей.именя это настораживает,с чем это может быть связано!?

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Dr. Kegel's Exercises

The medical establishment is as polarized about the value of Kegel's Exercises as this country ever was over "Vietnam" or "McCarthyism". On the one hand "patient advocates", such as nurses and physical therapists, insist that (l) anyone can learn to do them, (2) everyone should learn to do them, and (3) they each know the one "correct" way to teach them. On the other hand, most urologists and gynecologists only politely smile at the mention of Kegel's legacy, knowing full well that, sooner or later, almost every incontinent person will eventually submit to a surgical procedure or urological medication.

Explication of this paradoxical conflict is of considerable interest to gerontologists, since Arnold Kegel, M.D., originally proposed his exercises as an alternative to needless and ineffective surgery2, which he perceived in his own practice and those of his colleagues. He correctly anticipated several contemporary medical trends, including (l) cost containment, (2) the self-help movement, (3) women's rights, (4) the value of isometric exercise and (5) biofeedback technology. Like cartoonist Jules Pfiffer's youthful anti-Vietnam activist, his primary mistake was "pre-mature morality".